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Towards the sustainable use of granite powder waste for manufacturing of cementitious composites
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Application of the GPR and ERT methods for non-invasive examination of a flood dike
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Microstructure of autonomous self-healing concrete 01022
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Functionality and durability of anti - graffiti - systems on concrete
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Chilean Construction Institute: building consensus in coordinating common issues
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Hydrogen diffusion through polymer membranes
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Drying Shrinkage and Cracking Tendency of Concrete Pavement Mixtures with Variable Packing Densities of Aggregates and Paste Contents
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Hybrid imaging-AI approach for handling critical situations in a fast-changing environment: preliminary study
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State of the art of soft robotic applications based on magneto-rheological materials
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Sprung mass positioning by semi-actively controlled damper
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Stanislaw M. Rybicki and Joanna Krystkowiak
Adverse impact of municipal solid waste transportation on collected stormwater biosolids quality
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1051/matecconf/202032201055







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